About Us
Rebecca L. Miller, Founder and Principal Consultant

Rebecca L. Miller, MA, MLS, PhD., has worked in academic libraries, taught librarianship, and conducted research on libraries for over 20 years in the United States, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Afghanistan.  She has held technical and teaching positions at the University of Nebraska, Emporia State University, University of Kentucky, and the American University of Afghanistan.  She has also worked at the US Department of State (Macedonia), Afghanistan Reseach and Evaluation Unit, and the Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University.  She is currently based in Munich, Germany.

Dr. Miller believes in service.  She is a member of ALA since 1998 and is currently the co-chair of the International Relations Round Table's newsletter,  International Leads ,  as well as a member of the Sister Libraries and the International Visitors Center sub-committees.  Previously she was an active member of SLA and ALISE, including organizing conferences and managing chapters.  She is now bringing this experience to support the creation of a library association in Kabul, Afghanistan.  She also mentors the Book Club Afghanistan team, a grassroots effort on Facebook to encourage reading in Afghanistan.

An energetic and engaging speaker, Dr. Miller has given many presentations over a wide range of subjects.  She has been an invited speaker in panels and programs at ALA Annual conferences and Rotary Club meetings.  She has also presented at several international conferences. 

Dr. Miller holds a MA in Diplomacy from the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce (University of Kentucky, USA), and a MLS and PhD. from the School of Library and Information Management (Emporia State University, Kansas, USA).  Her dissertation topic examined factors affecting the diffusion of professional knowledge in a partnership program between libraries in the US and Bulgaria.  She also holds a Maitrise in Linguistics from the Université de Stendhal (Grenoble, France), and is fluent in French.

More details can be found on her LinkedIn page .

Dr. Miller works with a wide network of colleagues to ensure cultural appropriateness and local acceptance of projects.

If you are interested in working with her, please drop her a line in the " Contact Us " page.  

She looks forward to hearing from you!

"Better libraries lead to better lives. I have seen it firsthand in Bulgaria, Macedonia, and most recently Afghanistan. Libraries as a place of community, a trusted source of reliable information, lead to more informed people, who can take charge of their own development.

I work to make libraries better, so people's lives can be better. Libraries are fundamental to development."