Better Libraries, Better Lives

“Better libraries, better lives” – BiblioDev’s motto sums up the driving belief of the firm: all libraries can be better, contributing to better lives for the populations they serve.  No matter the type of library – school or university, public or corporate, and anything in between – making libraries better so they can better serve their communities is the mission of BiblioDev, LLC.

BiblioDev, LLC believes especially in the power of libraries to improve the lives of people in developing nations.  Libraries are sources of information, which is the foundation of knowledge – and knowledge is power.  Unfortunately, in most developing nations, libraries are overlooked and under-supported.   BiblioDev, LLC focuses especially on projects to support the development of libraries in these particular environments.


BiblioDev, LLC offers a wide range of professional services to respond to your particular needs.  Based on our strengths in training, research, and management of libraries in intercultural contexts, we provide assistance with:


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